Coop Andiamo of schweiz.bewegt

Play and fun are at the core of the Coop-Andiamo family fun event run in conjunction with schweiz.bewegt. The aim of the event is to get everyone - and particularly children - exercising and interacting more without the pressure of winning.

Coop Andiamo of schweiz.bewegt


Our tasks

2communicate represents sponsors Coop and Burkhalter, and manages all of organiser schweiz.bewegt’s event materials.

Three-in-one: schweiz.bewegt, Coop and Burkhalter all count on our experience and benefit from the resultant profiting synergies. One stop solution:

  • Order and supply of event tools and give-aways
  • Transportation of goods to event location and back
  • Set-up and take-down of Coop sponsorship materials
  • Materials handling including cleaning, drying and repairs
  • Event activities organised and run by our experienced, child-friendly staff 
Tight deadlines, high complexity and the demands of three different partners require frictionless processes and open communication. This type of challenge is what really drives us and sets us apart.