Sales Personnel

A good salesperson can be what closes the deal.

Sit down with us and we can talk about the skills you want your sales staff to have. We’ll then match that to just the right person or people for you. An intensive recruitment process and constant sales and product training will help contribute to even greater success.


Quality promise

It’s always a challenge finding the perfect person for a task. To make sure we only work with the right people, 2communicate has developed special processes to ensure success.

  • Everyone that joins our pool is first interviewed extensively in order to evaluate the specific skills and previous experience they can bring to the table. It is during this conversation that we can see whether the person will be a good fit for us or not. 
  • Every one of our members of staff has different strengths and weaknesses. We have 25 different competences which we use to evaluate each individual’s strengths profile, making sure you always have the very best person for your job. 
  • Our employee management and job advertisement system is all online which ensures efficient processes and work.
  • Younger staff members with less experience are given the chance to grow and develop as part of a team.  
  • We will only send native speakers to each of the different regions.