Join our team as a(n)

Chief Operation Officer (Logistik / Projektmanagement / Supply Chain), 100% (m/w)

Creative Director (Sponsoring / Event / Promotion / Roadshow / Live Communication), 70 - 100% (m/w)

Senior Projektleiter/in Live Communication 70 - 100% (m/w)

LKW-Chauffeur mit Fahrausweis Kat. C/E (Saisonstelle jährlich wiederkehrend), (m/w)

Mitarbeiter/in Eventumsetzung (Stagehand) (Saisonstelle und auf Abruf)

Promotor/In (auf Abruf) 


2communicate's working environment is incredibly varied and exciting, and is something I was impressed by from the very beginning. Following our clients' different projects from the original idea up to implementing them has become my passion. Being able to carry on part-time (as I'm now a mum) in this challenging environment keeps me highly motivated, and I'm really pleased I can continue to offer the company my experience.
Franziska Kumli, Project Manager 2communicate